The Frederick Group Appraisal Division

For over 30 years, The Frederick Group Appraisal Division, under the direction of Frederick Lesavoy, MAL, SRA, has specialized in residential and commercial valuations offering extensive expertise in nearly all types of real estate.

Property Valuation

In the face of constantly changing markets, understanding the value of a property or portfolio of properties is essential in making an informed decision. For over 30 years, The Frederick Group Appraisal Division has specialized in residential and commercial valuations offering extensive expertise in nearly all types of real estate. The area we cover is from mid-eastern Pennsylvania throughout New Jersey.

Tax Appeals

Oftentimes taxes rise while the real estate has not. The Frederick Group Appraisal Division is a full service real estate firm with over 30 years of appraisal experience offering a specialization in tax assessment appeals throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We have been acknowledged as expert witnesses in the field of real estate valuations in both County and Federal Courtrooms. We have an outstanding record on well-crafted and time sensitive appraisal reports. Our expertise and easy to understand reports often result in favorable settlements without the added cost of a trial.

Litigation Support

Our firm has decades of successful experience in expert witness services. We have provided these specialized services to government agencies, financial institutions, legal and accounting firms, individuals, and many other businesses. Our appraisals are unbiased, independent credible and supportable analyses which can lead to settlements without the additional cost of a trial. We offer expertise in consulting and advising our clients on the merits of their position and the strength of the opposing parties. We can provide research and analysis to support or discredit assumptions and conclusions.


Eminent domain is a reality in our ever expanding real estate landscape. It can occur anywhere and as infrastructures in the states is replaced and updated it becomes more and more common.

If your property becomes affected by a condemnation or you are in the process of condemning a property it is in your best interest to hire an appraisal firm that has years of eminent domain experience. Our experts determine if an offer is fair and just. For over 30 years The Frederick Group Appraisal Division has prepared well designed appraisals that indicate the value of the property both before the condemnation and after thereby reflecting both Direct and Indirect damages (loss in value) that the property has sustained.

We have provided these specialized appraisals for private individuals and corporate entities as well as government agencies. We have been chosen hundreds of times because what we provide are unbiased credible conclusions in every situation.

Estate Planning

The Frederick Group Appraisal Division is a trusted name at banks, law firms, estate professionals, heirs and private clients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over 30 years.

Our well written, easy to understand appraisals offer credible, well researched, supportable valuation conclusions. The experts in our firm bring years of experience to each appraisal report we produce. We provide this service for “date of death” valuations, Estate Tax basis and Asset Disposition (past, present, and future). Our work has been routinely accepted by courts and the IRS. We have built our business on integrity and reliability and experience.


Are you faced with a legal dispute that is based on a real estate valuation? These are times that you need experienced appraisers who are well versed in developing an effective strategy with a solid foundation based on a credible reliable appraisal valuation. For over 30 years we have assisted legal consuls by providing research, reviewing opposing appraisals and expert testimony with a focus on leading to acceptable settlements prior to going to a costly trial.

Other related services are Risk Analysis, Market & Feasibility studies, Land Use Studies, Highest & Best Use analyses and other related consulting for your real estate needs.

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